Computer applications development


British Airways

Business Portfolio - Y2K

For this project we developed a system to remotely, automatically and repetatively, discover all the software loaded onto all the 22,000 PCs in BA world-wide. We then used this information to determine the Y2K status of those applications and provide remedial action reports.

We consulted with the project managers, provided systems analysis, created solutions and developed the software.

Audit programs to run on WinNT, Win95, Win3 and OS/2 to gather data about the PC and applications loaded on it (written in VB5 and REXX)
Automatic methods to launch the audit on PCs each month (using WinNT & OS/2 logon scripts, Dr Solomon's NTME and Lotus Notes Mail (LotusScript))
Tools for deploying and maintaining the audit (VB5, REXX, MS-Excel VBA)
Direct the team of engineers to deploy the audit throughout the world.
A centralised database for collating and reporting on all the data (MS-Access VBA & SQL)
Tools for reporting the progress of the project (MS-Excel VBA)


Development Projects Unit

With its diverse systems spread throughout the globe, BA were finding it difficult to deploy Anti-Virus systems to protect their systems.

We were asked to automate the rollout of Anti-Virus software to all servers and user PCs connected to OS/2 LAN Server domains within BA.

The solution was fully automatic providing a hierarchical system to distribute the software updates to sites throughout the world whilst creating minimal network traffic. The fully automatic system used OS/2 REXX running on a PC in each of approximately 300 domains to collect Anti-Virus updates across the WAN from a central source and redistribute it to local servers via the LAN. Users logging into the LAN would then automatically receive the update to the Anti-Virus software. Reports were generated about the status of the system, equipment updated, viruses found etc. in HTML to be viewed remotely by WEB browser. For sites with Lotus Notes email but no LAN server we used LotusScript to create a simple to use button for users to install the software update.




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