Computer applications development


Mansfield District Council

Safe and Secure Homes install burglar alarms for Mansfield District Council, Neighbourhood Watch and the police.

They required a fast and flexible database to be developed to manage their increasing workload of installations to 13,000 homes and 6000 other maintenance tasks per year.

The system also needed to import data supplied by the sponsors in disparate data formats, produce job tickets and reports for the council and police force. In addition, some functionality needed to be restricted to certain users.

We consulted with the management and users then developed a solution in MS-Access to run on Windows XP in a multi-user environment.

Once it was  discovered how useful the database was they soon started requesting other features to make their operation run more quickly and smoothly.

New search tools to quickly find a customer record while they are on the phone.
Customer filters to quickly list customers that would soon require routine maintenance.
Tools for improving the quality of entered data and prevent accidental changes.
Reports to keep an eye on installations and stock usage.

The system has attracted interest from other organisations who now wish to use it.



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