Computer applications development


St. Paul Travelers

Reinsurance department

St. Paul Travelers (spelt with 1 'l'!) provide many types of insurance including re-insurance. They use Excel to calculate the activity and returns on their re-insurance policies and wanted to automate the existing manual process. We developed an Excel add-in that manipulated the data and formula how they wanted it in a few minutes instead of hours.

Network and file server support department.

St Paul have a large corporate network of Windows NT file servers that they planed to migrate to Windows 2000 and Active Directory. As part of the change they wanted to change the folder structure of the user data areas on the file servers and convert users from using mapped drive letters to UNC paths. It was perceived that these changes would have an effect linked objects within user documents held on the servers. We were asked to study the extent of the problem on 134,000 Excel files and then to write a utility to find affected files and change the paths of linked objects to match the new folder structure and convert mapped drive letters to UNCs.




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